Autoboyography by Christina Lauren Chapter Review

The Skinny

(aka Back of the Book Summary in a Sentence)

Tanner Scott must write an entire book during the four-month Seminar, and he unexpectedly falls in love with the Seminar’s mentor, Sebastian.

Nutritional Value

(aka What’s Good)

Autumn, Tanner’s best friend, is my soul twin. Christina Lauren fleshes out this character’s personality pretty thoroughly in just the first few pages. Autumn is obsessed with books and writing, she eats Ritz crackers stacks at a time, sleeps on Wonder Woman bedsheets, and gives sparkly dinosaur stickers to her best friend. She’s both quirky and relatable, which makes for a memorable supporting character.

Freezer Burn

(aka What’s Bad)

While I love the supporting character, I’m not a big fan of the main character at all. Enjoying the side dish but not the entrée is never a good sign. Tanner is a male Mary Sue. Autumn complains that Tanner gets everything he wants without even trying. And Tanner humble brags that he can be lazy and still accomplish everything because things just come easily to him. This does not make for a likable character.

Lingering Aftertaste

(aka My Prediction)

I get the vibe that Autumn is in love with Tanner. But the back of the book summary states that Tanner falls in love with Sebastian. So I’m sensing a love triangle in the future.

Taste Test Verdict

(aka Would I Read More?)

In the fictional world, Tanner easily gets whatever he wants. But in the real world, he’s not getting me to read the rest of this book.

Memorable Morsel

(aka Quotable Quote)

There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, and Tanner crosses so far beyond that line, the line is a dot to him.

WRITE A BOOK IN A SEMESTER, the catalog cheerfully dares, as if that could happen only in this class. As if the average person couldn’t throw together enough words in four months. Four months is a lifetime.

How long do you think it would take you to write an entire book from start to finish? Sound off in the comments below!

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Gwenever Pacifico

Gwen thinks that it’s as close to magic as humans can get when a blank Word document is filled with groups of letters, and those groups of letters turn into lines, and those lines turn into a whole new world.

When Gwen isn’t reading or writing, she’s drinking boba milk tea and singing along to Steven Universe. You should sing along with her.

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