Happy Presidents’ Day, Mister Rogers!

Happy Presidents’ Day to all the past and future presidents! For all you bookworms out there, which presidential biographies are you interested in reading? 🗽🦅

Also, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood first aired 50 years ago today. I remember growing up watching him and singing along with him. Thank you, Mister Rogers, for all the wonderful memories and life lessons. I hope I grew up into someone you’d be proud of. 🧥

Gwenever Pacifico

Gwen thinks that it’s as close to magic as humans can get when a blank Word document is filled with groups of letters, and those groups of letters turn into lines, and those lines turn into a whole new world.

When Gwen isn’t reading or writing, she’s drinking boba milk tea and singing along to Steven Universe. You should sing along with her.

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